Lip Balm Trio
Lip Balm Trio
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Lip Balm Trio

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The ultimate lip balm just got better! Rather you want to enjoy the luxury experience for yourself or want to share the experience. The lip balm trio is a new lip balm bundle that gives you high quality at a great price. With the trio, you get our two bestselling lip balms in each scent and an additional lip balm of your choice. 

Dry lips...yuck! No one likes the feeling of dry, cracked lips. Our lip balm will get rid of that uncomfortable feeling. Our 100% vegan ultra-hydrating lip balm nourishes chapped and damaged lips, all while locking in moisture. 2 Scents Available:

  • Mint scent: Powerful minty-fresh, cool, and distinctive natural mint fragrance. 
  • Natural scent: A sweet natural honey-like smell.



  • Baobab oil: Restores hydration and strengthens the skin barrier to ensure high levels of moisture. Packed with Omega-3, 6, and 9.
  • Candelilla wax: Extracted from the Candelilla shrub, an alternative to beeswax. This wax penetrates the skin and seals in moisture, preventing cracked and chapped lips moisture.
  • Squalane light: Extracted from sugarcane, this oil is packed with antioxidants, fights skin damage, acts natural detoxifier, all while making the lips more vibrant and supple. 
  • Polyhydroxysteraic Acid: Extracted from castor beans, acts as a natural sunscreen.