Founded by Dr. Kadeem Richardson after seeing others struggle on their beard journey while not being able to grow full, luxurious beard, himself included.

Always scouring the shelves of men’s grooming aisles to find the perfect product to improve the growth, luster, and softness of his beard was a losing battle. Many products caused his beard to become dry, brittle, and didn't account for any additional growth.

As Dr. Richardson further investigated the ingredients used in many of these products, it was found that the principal ingredient(s) advertised was more than often the third to fourth most used ingredient. Filler ingredients were used to make up the volume, thus robbing customers of the benefits of the key ingredients. Being the naturally curious scientist that he is, Dr. Richardson decided enough was enough. He took it upon himself to create the perfect men’s grooming experience.

Our packaging: During Kadeem’s Ph.D., he researched the effects of phthalates and its negative effects on human reproductive health. Therefore, we opted out of using plastic containers for our products, as your health is more important than saving a few cents! Not only do glass containers create a high-quality aesthetic to match our products, but it's also much safer!  Plastics are cheap and durable, but these plastics are comprised of chemicals known as phthalates, that readily leach from containers/products.